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Treasure State Schnauzers

AKC Miniature Schnauzers in Montana!


-About Us-

Family Owned and Home Raised

Treasure State Schnauzers is a located in Montana. We dedicate our breeding program to bettering the breeds of the dogs we breed. Our goal is to provide healthy and superior puppies to loving families.

Our dogs live normal, spoiled lives as our family members in our houses.  Starting at day one, we socialize them until they leave to their new families. We have just added Puppy Culture to our breeding program!


As responsible breeders, it is our goal to be responsible and honest breeders so our puppies owners have an amazing experience with their new puppy.


Puppy Raising Protocols

Our puppies are carefully bred and raised with Puppy Culture and Early Neurological Stimulation to give them the best start possible. We believe in exposing our puppies to various social situations so they can develop into well-rounded companions. We follow a strict health testing protocol to make sure our puppies are free from genetic diseases.


Guardian Program

We do not believe in kenneling our dogs. Therefore, we have a team of guardians that are home to some of the wonderful dogs in our breeding program. This program allows us to continue to produce fantastic puppies while keeping all of our dogs out of kennels. We also get to avoid retiring our older dogs to new homes. This way they are raised in their forever home and remain a part of our program. 



Nutrition is one of the most important factors during growth of a puppy. In order to ensure the best growth, we feed the best food out there for our dogs. We feed and recommend high quality foods and supplements. Please click on "Recommended Products" to learn more.

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