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Treasure State Schnauzers consists of a couple family members who have the same goal to produce beautiful and healthy Miniature Schnauzers.  Each family whelps and raises their own litters in their own homes and all the puppies are posted on here to keep it easy! We all believe in breeding for the betterment of the Mini Schnauzer. Lets meet everyone!

Mark and Debra Coverdell-Fairfield, MT

Mark is a farmer in the Fairfield area and along with his wife Debra, who is the ambulance service director for Teton County. And also the Disaster and Emergency Preparedness Coordinator for the county.  They own Willow Pecos and Rose.  Willow was our first schnauzer, she is the most loyal dog I have ever met.  She has chosen Debra as her person and would do anything to please her.  She even gets in the shower on command.  The videos are comical.   Willow was born very dark but pepper out to be a salt and pepper.  Pecos arrived from Georgia, she is very small and petite. Pecos has a mind of her own and believes she is the best rabbit hunter in our pack.  She teams up with the labs to do the underground hunting while the labs wait for her to flush them out.  Pecos is a black and silver parti.  Rose is our newest addition.  She was brought in to our home as an older dog but has settled in and not missed a beat.  She is very laid back and loyal. 

Luke and Cassidy Lindberg- Fairfield, MT 

Luke is an engineer and Cassidy is a school teacher. They own Cinder and Maeko. 








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