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Guardian Program

The main reason we offer the Guardian Program is because we believe that having too many dogs in one home can create a negative environment and retiring dogs is not something we do. 

By implementing a Guardian Program we can guarantee our puppies are raised in a positive environment, our dogs are happier being raised in their forever homes with either us or their Guardian, and our Guardians get to be involved in our breeding program. Our Guardians get the opportunity to own an amazing dog at a low price and get paid for it! 


Benefits for Guardians

The Guardian will pay an initial "deposit" amount which is significantly lower than the purchase price for a high quality puppy. The trade off of them paying the low deposit is that we retain breeding rights and the dog stays a part of our program. 

Once we have found the perfect Guardian the puppy will go home with the them and be raised just as a new puppy would.  


​The Guardian will be the one to name the puppy typically and will be the one who goes through the process of raising the puppy in every aspect (potty training, obedience, etc). We are here to help whenever needed!​

Boarding is offered to our guardians so the dogs come to know our home as their home, too!


-Live within 2 hours of Fairfield, MT or be willing to drive if it is further. 

-Must be a clean non smoking home

-No other intact dogs in the household

-Must have current veterinarian with Labrador Retriever breed knowledge 

-Must be willing to follow Guardian Program Contract

-Must not allow dog outdoors without being in a fence or on a leash

-Must be willing to travel to us for breeding purposes during any time of the year 

Please view our



Once the dog is old enough it will be evaluated based on health, temperament, and build to make sure it will be a positive attribute to our program. If it doesn't pass, there is a protocol followed which will depend on scenario. If the dog does pass then it will enter our breeding program. The guardian home will be compensated for every litter the dog has. We generally expect to have 1-3 litters depending on how successful each litter is. 

The dog will come to our home for breeding purposes but otherwise will live full time with the Guardian. Females will come to our home when in heat to be bred and to whelp and raise the puppies. The female will go home in between being bred and whelping for the Guardian to watch her grow throughout the pregnancy and then will come back to our home about 10 days before whelping date. The female will stay with us until puppies are weaned then she will go back with Guardian. We cover all costs associated with breeding (health testing, stud fee, progesterone testing, puppy expenses, etc.) and once the female goes back with Guardian they are compensated an agreed amount each litter the dog has!

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